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GNSS technologies - information and applications

One of the main activities of the company is conducting of GPS measurements - precise and connected with the usage of the Russian analog of the system - GLONASS. "GEO ZEMIA" Ltd. has calculated transformation parameters for the relevant regions. Using these parameters the transformation between the relevant coordinate and height systems is performed - e.g. between WGS84 and the so called local coordinate and height systems.

"GEO ZEMIA" Ltd. offers and performs precise geodetic measurements - positioning, stake out, etc. for various objects in real time (RTK mode) with high level of accuracy and productivity, based on the combined use of GNSS systems: GPS and GLONASS. In order to maintain the required high accuracy of the geodetic measurements in its work, the company uses a network of GPS and GLONASS (GNSS) Reference stations.

The geodetic measurements, performed with methods of space geodesy and the combined use of GPS and GLONASS satellite systems have high productivity and obtain high quality results in difficult field conditions.

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